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What is Pilates?

Designed by Joseph Pilates over 75 years ago, Pilates classes as we know them today are based around eight basic principals; Concentration, Breath, Centering, Control, Precision, Flowing Movement, Isolation and Routine. Pilates classes can range from gentle flowing movements for your everyday person to tailored and targeted rehab and strengthening work. It can be adapted to challenge every body… from absolute beginners to athletes.

Why Realistic Pilates?

Our Realistic Pilates teachers have been trained to de-construct the original Pilates exercises and tailor them to the body in front of them. We LOVE absolute beginners and teaching you how to re-align and re-balance your body through gentle flowing movements and stretches. Clients leave our classes feeling looser, energised and taller!

Who is it for?

Our classes are mostly mat based, with some standing exercises too. In each class we will begin by getting your body into alignment before adding in exercises to challenge your core stability. Our classes are ideal for people who are new to exercise,have a sedentary lifestyle and feel they are getting stiff and sore, for post-natal mums or indeed anyone who just wants to start moving.